What is JunTechPC all about?

About Us and What We Do

What is JunTechPC all about?

A few words about us...

JunTechPC was established in 2005 by Juny Engelhart, specializing in SEO, Web Design, Computer Services and Support. We are a small but dedicated team, all our services processes are continuously improving to offer the Best Quality Service. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, the better we know you the better we can understand your needs.

I started playing with computers after receiving poor quality service from a computer repair shop. Me being technically minded i took my first PC apart to 'rebuild' it. I learned to repair computers myself and began helping others. I literally started this business by building high-end custom built gaming computers on the kitchen table. It was back in the very early 2000's and i never looked back.

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Little Background About Myself

 I have been involved with computers, both from a programming perspective and the technical side. With experience in PC assembling, final-tester, Quality control and engineering server line since 2002 where i worked for I.M.S. Acer/IBM (The Netherlands). Over the years i continued to increase my knowledge by taking numerous technical based computer courses for most popular software packages. 

This was also the period in which I acquired a new passion in life, a passion for Graphic Design. Over the years, this passion for Graphic Design sprouted into a passion for Web Design. So I began creating websites for myself, then for friends, and eventually for clients who needed new websites or a redesign of their outdated website.

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Great Services With Affordable Rates

We provide a wide variety of Computer and Web Services for commercial and residential clients. We understand that every business has different requirements. Our goal is to work with you to learn about your needs and then find a solution that offers value, quality and return on your investment.

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