Dear Computer User,You're here because something has gone wrong with your desktop or laptop. Maybe it’s just suddenly stopped working, or perhaps you'd just like to get more out of your system. Whatever the problem, I'm your geek for For all your computing needs! With my on-site personal service, your computer will work faster and be more efficient. With my advice and support, hopefully we can avoid any more problems in the future. We are confident that we will be able to offer you a complete service. Should the computer be un-fixable we offer a NO FIX - NO FEE policy. If it would take too long to fix the computer on site we would offer an estimate before any action would be taken. Sound good? Read on...

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JunTechPC computer support and repair guarantee provides peace-of-mind computer support and repair service. With over 15 years in the computer support industry I take tremendous pride in my service and I stand behind every repair I do with my 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee. I'm a dedicated and resourceful computer technician with extensive experience in testing, installing, repairing and maintaining a diverse range of hardware, software and peripherals. 

JunTechPC - Computer services and solutions

Computer Technician/Video Editor/Multimedia Designer/Gamer

Juny Engelhart


I'm a Computer technician, I’m a Gamer, And playing video games is something i enjoy in my spare time.

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We can assist you with technical issues by phone or by remote support. Feel free to message me by clicking the icon below and I’ll call you back.

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