Computer Services and Support

Computer Services

Computer Solutions for SOHOs

(Small Offices / Home Offices)

We provide a wide range of repair services to meet your needs including repairs, virus removal, data transfer or backup, Windows re-installations, hardware upgrades, problem solving and much more. We support all versions of Microsoft Windows, as well as the hardware and software on those systems in Dutch, English or Spanish. We aim to provide the most cost effective way to keep you going when it comes to your computer system.


Affordable, Reliable and Fast

I'm a dedicated and resourceful computer technician with extensive experience in testing, installing, repairing and maintaining a diverse range of hardware, software and peripherals. I take tremendous pride in my service and I stand behind every repair I do. If you are looking for computer support we have all the solutions you need.

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Turn to us for Computer Repair Services in Aruba

Solutions for all your computer needs
Diagnostic & Troubleshooting

We provide free reliable diagnostic and troubleshooting problems, hardware or software, run diagnostics that will help to identify, and fix your computer issues.

Maintenance & Repair

All Software issues are the same day or next day repaired. All hardware related problems between 1-3 days some hardware may take longer and is subject to manufacture's availability.

Virus & Malware Protection

JunTechPC takes your security as seriously as you do. Keeping your business' computers, servers, and devices running at full capacity is our top priority.

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Data Recovery

Reduce risk and maximize performance with reliable & affordable backup. We can backup all your photos, music, videos and other data safely.

Operating System Installations

We offer a complete computer setup and configuration service,  including transferring your existing files and photos to your new computer ready for you to use.

Network Solutions

We provides cost-effective and reliable network solutions to make your business more efficient, streamlined and centralized.


If We Don't Fix It, You Don't Pay, It’s That Simple.

We are confident that we can help you, if we can't fix your problem, you don't pay. If we start a task and realize we can't fix it – we don't charge you.

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