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Different Types of Website Design

There are many ways to create a website, but they all come down to two fundamental types – Static and Dynamic websites. Each type of website serves a specific purpose, and it would be wrong to say that either one is better than the other.  We provide array of attractive and affordable Static Web Design Services in Aruba. They are stylish, easy to develop and we design them with fresh ideology.

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What is a Static (Pre-Rendered) Website?

A static website design enables websites to store requests and communicate at a quick rate. It has become the most ideal option for small business owners these days. With a static website, you will never to have worry about content updating over and over again. However, if you require regular updates on your business website you can move to a Dynamic Web Design arrangement.

Our Static Website Design service starts with understanding and analyzing the client’s business requirement. Once this analyzing phase is over, our web designer will design the appropriate design layout which translates your business logic into the desired website. Once the design layout is completed and approved, then our client can benefit of his unique and personalized high quality web design.

Why Static Website Design?

Benefits of Static Website Designing

Flexibility is the main advantage of a static site - every page can be different if desired, to match the layout to different content, and the designer is free to put in any special effects that a client may ask for in a unique way on different pages.

With a static web design, you can make simple changes very quickly and more importantly, it is much more cost effective. However, if you often change your website content then you should go for a Dynamic Website which costs you a little more but has vast potential in terms of functionality.

  • Website based on Bootstrap Framework.
  • Easier to create and host.
  • Perfect for Small Businesses.
  • Unlike a dynamic website, static websites are cheaper to develop.
  • Static websites are easily crawled upon by the search engine spiders.
  • It is faster to load as compared to dynamic website.
  • Static websites are a safe bet compared to dynamic ones.
  • No feature of Content Management.
  • Negligible maintenance costs.

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Conclusion - Which one is better?

If your website is intended for non-techies to manage or a bespoke business feature is needed, a Dynamic Website would be a better choice. If your website doesn’t change that often and all the features you need can be implemented with a Static Site, I would most certainly opt for this. The tools in recent years have helped alleviate most of pain points of the past allowing us to enjoy the many advantages today.